Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Chains of Freedom.

Repercussions! The destruction of the Imperial Death Star and the Rebel victory at Yavin IV has led to a great surge of Imperial Law enforcement throughout the galaxy. Many of the galaxy’s citizens find their way into Imperial prison colonies with charges of treason and support for the Alliance. A prisoners life on these colonies is a life dedicated to repaying their debt to the Empire. They endure hard labor that ranges from working in the factories that produce deadly Imperial war machines to mining ore that is used in the production of the Empire’s “Secret Projects”. One group of inmates on board the prison mining colony Agrar’s Rock, have started to discuss finding a way to escape the colony, as the strenuous life of mining ore has taken its toll on their bodies. The watchful eyes of one organization may just pave the way for them to escape, however, they will have to learn that freedom comes with a price….

Chains of Freedom